Finnish fintech start-up Enterpay and Swedish niche bank Collector Bank start collaboration

Enterpay and Collector Bank’s collaboration introduces a wider selection of payment methods both to B2B merchants and buyers.

Enterpay and Collector Bank have kicked off their collaboration. Collector Bank will add a B2B invoice powered by Enterpay to its payment method selection in Finland and later in the Nordics.

The collaboration lays the groundwork for Enterpay’s expansion to the Nordics and after Finland, the collaboration will continue in the Swedish market. Partnering with Collector helps Enterpay to grow the number of its service’s users and reach potential customers in new channels.

“Here at Enterpay we are very excited and proud about the collaboration. Having Collector as our partner introduces the service to a significant number of new merchants and gives our customers more selection and more possibilities to make buying online even easier”, says Jarkko Anttiroiko, Enterpay’s Managing Director.

Collector widens its payment method selection by introducing a B2B invoice specifically designed for B2B ecommerce to its customers. Both Collector’s new and existing customers have access to the new service easily with available integrations.

“Enterpay has been pioneering in making B2B ecommerce easier and more modern. Enterpay’s service speeds up significantly the launch of Collector Bank’s B2B invoice and prevents fraud and misuse in B2B ecommerce. Together we have committed to further develop innovative B2B payments”, says Petri Koskinen, Head of Payments Finland, from Collector Bank.

For more information, please contact
Jarkko Anttiroiko, Managing Director of Enterpay
+358 500 520 782

is a Finnish fintech start-up founded in 2013 that develops payment solutions for B2B commerce. It is located in Maria 0-1 start-up hub in Helsinki.

Collector Bank is a Swedish niche bank operating in the Nordics. It offers a variety or payment and financial services both to consumers and business customers.

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