More sales, happier customers, no credit risk. We take the work off  the merchant’s hands.

 We have a solution and we’re happy to share with our partners. Let’s collaborate, not compete.

B2B commerce is getting consumerized – we bring the B2C customer experience to B2B commerce.

Both B2B selling and buying should be easier

B2B commerce is becoming consumerized. Buyers expect the same kind of smooth and easy customer
experience as they get in B2C stores. However, this is rarely the reality. We want to make B2B buying
just as easy as in B2C stores.

This is where our service steps in. It is a comprehensive credit management and invoicing service:
it fully automates the whole invoicing process from buyer identification and invoice delivery to credit risk management.

Invoice is the most convenient payment method for the buyer and we want to make it easier for merchants to provide
this option for their customers. Our service requires absolutely no work from the merchant.
They can just focus on growing their sales.

Collaboration benefits everyone

We are an enabler – not a competitor. Fintech versus traditional finance industry has been a hot topic in the industry,
but we believe more can be achieved if we bring our expertise and know-how together.

We have a unique business model that is based on collaboration with existing financial institutions rather than
challenging them in rivalry. We are an expert in digital commerce, credit management and payments.
But as a fresh start-up in the industry, we are lacking the muscles. Buddying up with the more established
financial institutions benefits everyone. We can concentrate on what we do best – developing our product,
that is – while our partners have a new white label service to provide to their customers. Everybody wins.

Our service is currently available only in Finland but we intend to take the whole world. Just wait.

As simple as that

Log in with phone

Automated identity check

Buying company receives the invoice


On a mission to modernize B2B e-commerce

Enterpay is a Finnish fintech start-up with a mission to boost business-to-business e-commerce. In our 2013-founded company, innovation comes together with expertise. Our team is a happy mixture of both strong experience in finance and payments and technical know-how. This combination enables us to provide services designed to ever better meet the needs of the customer.

B2B is changing and we're right on the pulse

 We have a strong vision of the future of B2B e-commerce. E-commerce is here to stay and buyers making purchases for their businesses are already used to the ease of B2C e-commerce and will expect the same level of customer experience in B2B webstores as well. Purchases in the business world will shift more and more to the online sphere and the merchants must be able to keep up with the needs of the customer. Customer experience is not something to be looked down in B2B commerce.

Our mission is to foresee the future challenges of B2B e-commerce and provide the best solutions. We want to equip the merchants with the tools to enhance customer experience, speed up selling and buying processes and hence upscale their sales. Invoice is the easiest payment method for the buying company but the credit assessment process is a time-consuming and high-risk process. Luckily enough, we have a solution.

Partnering up with the big ones

Enterpay is a privately held company that has partners among the leading Nordic businesses in credit management, invoicing and finance. We believe that the best in the business should bring their knowledge together. At the moment, we provide our services in collaboration with Lowell and Collector Bank.

Our service, just like our business, is enjoying an upward trend of growth – and we intend to keep it that way.


We make Enterpay happen. Let’s talk!

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